The St. Mary’s College of Maryland Department of Athletics & Recreation serves the interest of the college by enhancing its diversity and equity, preparing student-athletes for adult life and citizenship, and fostering leadership and self-discipline through teamwork. It is our goal to mirror the rigorous academic success in the classroom through athletic success on the field, court, course, or in the water through our five core values...

1. Excellence: The focus of continual improvement through finding ways to do extra in the community, the sports arena, and for the individual. (DO EXTRA)

2. Humility: To serve the greater good of those around you be exemplifying the true character of a Seahawk student athlete. (PERSONAL HUMILITY)

3. Legacy: The goal of Seahawk student athletes is to leave their program, department and campus community better than they found it. (LEAVE THINGS BETTER THAN YOU FOUND THEM)

4. Teamwork: It is the shared responsibility to produce individuals that are not only global citizens, but also as selfless leaders. (SHARED RESPONSIBILITY)

5. Integrity: To uphold one's strong moral principles through sportsmanship, honesty and mutual respect. (DO THINGS RIGHT)